why do I love Prints?...

I love... scratch that, I am obsessed with printed photographs. I think it is getting lost in this digital age.. the importance of physical photographs. They are tangible and offer a completely immersed experience. I promise, you don't just want digitals...scroll down to find out why.

When planning to get portraits taken, who are they for? Are you taking them for your parents, your grandparents, your children, your husband, maybe yourself. You put in all the effort, invisioning, planning outfits, convincing everyone involved that it will be worth it and won't be miserable. You pick the perfect photographer that is capturing what you imagine your family's intimate happy moments to look like. You pick the perfect location to help encapsulate this moment that you want to save forever. The day comes and you are stressed and tired from getting it all together, but; you're here. Your photographer guides you through the whole process and makes everything simple and fun. She handles your posing. She wrangles your children and makes them laugh... like their REAL laugh. He talks to your mother with appreciation.. She jokes with your hubby that “this will be painless”. Her care for your time with her is really magical and when you leave your chest is light and face is bright. You have now made new memories to be forever cherished with those you love.

A few weeks later, after your photoshoot is no longer top of mind. You have gotten back into your routine, your children are a little taller, your mom is a little older, and your marriage is a little more seasoned. You are invited to your photographers studio to have printed reveal. You watch as she plays a virtual slide show to music that moves through your body like waves. Then you wait as she pulls the curtain to reveal your portraits. You stare at the reveal wall as you are overwhelmed with the memories from that day 2 weeks ago that seems like a blur now. You wonder how many days have passed by like this that were not captured. You reach your hand out to touch a moment so tender of you and your mother. You pick up the portrait and hold it in your hands. The portrait that now is priceless and timeless, a solidified frozen moment. You hold it gently as you survey the expressions of warmth and love. You look up to all the other treasures from that day. You think, I can't wait to see what next years portraits look like.


Digital files are fantastic to have, they are easy to share, and easy to store. But digital files are just that, digitals. They are virtual depiction of your memory, and in a time when everything is digital down to our experience checking out a t the grocery store; a physical printed portrait is something to be desired. You might have portraits of your parents, grandparents and family whom has now passed... and now those portraits are a heirlooms. A gift to your family NOW and in the FUTURE. They will out live the digitals, and will always be a treasured legacy.

I promise, you don't just want digitals....