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New mothers have tremendous pressure to be perfect moms right out of the gate. But, what ends up getting put on the back burner is the mother herself. This ideal is changing and maternal care in America is moving into a more holistic direction that other civilizations have been sticking to for centuries. Let’s meet a professional in this space that is using ancient and modern techniques to support mothers in their healing after birth. 

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I had a the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful woman that is caring for new mothers in the most holistic ways! I have been following her and wishing I would have known about her when I was having my babies! I KNOW you will enjoy her take on postpartum care.

So tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Hello, I’m Megan Limon,

That friend you will always have, who will answer you on the first call, brews her own kombucha on the weekends, loves all things cozy, fur mom of two long hair doxies, loves hiking, sunshine and fairy lights dangling around everything!

I am a DONA Certified Postpartum Doula and UCSD trained Lactation Counselor here in San Diego. I offer ancient healing methods such as massage, belly binding and craniosacral therapy. I have passionately supported families for ten years! My practice has been established since 2013.

My serene nature allows for the bonding and early connections individuals make with their babies. I feel honored to support the birth of new families!

My practice is focused on an organic and modern approach. By supporting individuals on their journey of parenthood through educating, empowering and healing. My holistic approach to motherhood makes my practice grounding, strengthening and a source of confidence. Along with refreshing methods of healing such as herbal foot baths, energy work through talk therapy, nutrient dense soups, belly binding and massage.

Did you always have a passion for this and what got you started?

From as long as I remember, I had a passion for holistic healing care and empowering women. Now that always was true but starting my practice when I was 22, I have found over the past ten years, more and more passion than I started with. I was young and needed a lot of experience but my heart was wide open for mothers. And I always go back to that, if we have the love and passion, all the education and experience will follow. The passion for this work really comes from seeing my clients heal with nutrient dense foods, healing touch and an empathic heart. I started this work in 2012 when I originally was doing food photography and recipe design for farming companies wanting to share their produce. I fell deeper in love with the benefits of nutrient dense foods. I grew up in a family that believed and benefited in holistic healing remedies and massage therapy. So when I found doula care, it was serendipitous - it just all pieced together. I could share healing elements with women to empower them during the most sacred moment of their life.

What are some common misconceptions about your job or profession?

I think some common misconceptions about my profession would definitely be centered around baby care. I have received outdated comments over the years about doulas holding babies while parents do all the things. And that could be the complete opposite of my focus which is maternal care. I empower and cocoon mothers while they heal and recover. They are the ones that are nourished to care for their own babies and develop their parenting style. So I am absolutely never going into a session telling clients what to do, how to do things and taking over in a sense. I am a maternal caregiver, a consultant that is empowering your health and education while you gain more strength and skills to care for your own family.

What are you working on currently to help moms or families in your community?

I just finished my first digital book that includes a simple 48 hour guide to supporting mothers postpartum. It shares a few ways to support your own healing and how others can facilitate the care needed while you rest. It includes healing recipes I use daily for families. I encourage families learning about postpartum care to look into this digital book to start their journey. I also provide daily support with education and comfort through my Instagram. There you can find videos and posts that are focused on the three postpartum healing pillars for the most supportive foundation to recovery.

If you could offer 1 piece of advice to a new mom, what would it be?

I would encourage mothers to prepare for their healing journey. While it is so fun and adorable to prepare for your baby and their needs through registries and baby showers, my encouragement would be to shift more focus on your healing. How can we do this? Focusing on the three pillars of healing care: rest, nourishment and bodywork. I offer 15 minute free consultations for families wanting to learn more about preparing before their postpartum journey.

What do you do when you are not working?

I am such a private person and I really enjoy the quiet moments with my own family. I always connect first with my body and mind - what are my needs in order to continue to serve others? That might look like a slow morning, hot ceremonial matcha, sunshine baths, being home or taking off to my favorite mineral springs in the desert. I love cooking, baking sourdough and long walks with my two dachshunds and hubby. 

Favorite quote & something you can't live without when working? 

I love these questions! Phew...I have so many words of support I offer myself while supporting others. A few are:

On your own time

Give myself grace

I am doing my best

And most of the session I am constantly praying inside my mind, asking for the words and love needed for each client to succeed. Prayer has to be the biggest thing I find a must within my practice.

Where can we find you? Website and social media...

You can find me on my website at and my Instagram at