Meet Kaylee!

Kaylee is a newly graduated licensed esthetician with a bright future and big goals! We wanted to create a photoshoot for Kaylee and her brand Loves. Esthetics that could evolve as her business grew. My discovery interview with Kaylee relieved a lot about her goals, and the over all feeling she wanted to evoke.

Esthetician Headshot

Passion for Blogging

Kaylee has a real passion for writing and education around esthetics, so when talking about where her images would be used in blog posts was something I really wanted to help her with. Her website is new and blogging is the fastest way to get traction to your website and build a credible online presence. Images for her website in general were going to be very important!

We went over her Pinterest board to nail down an aesthetic. Then we talked about poses! My favorite! She wanted something that would be taken seriously, but also FUN and FRIENDLY! We also talked about lighting…this is a game changer for sure. What I love about this shoot is Kaylee didn’t want the standard bright and airy spa look, she wanted something with more contrast and shadow. Still bright and playful, yet sophisticated. It was THEN I knew a purple backdrop was going to be magic!

Brand Story

I honestly have been wanting to get my hands on a purple back drop and she was the perfect excuse! So thanks Kaylee!

Next, we talked about wardrobe. This is always a pain point, but I think this can be one of the funnest parts! It give you a chance to wear something maybe wouldn’t wear everyday or maybe try something new! Her scrubs were a must for her headshots, but we want to make sure she had a variety of semi casual and casual outfits that could be used for her blog and social media. Then, we talked about using her other brand colors to bring the story to life.

Kaylee also wanted to make sure she had imagery of her work with clients. A mini facial session would be a perfect lifestyle session to show what Kaylee does.

Trying Something New!

This is why I love working with brands and small businesses! Each is unique and gives me a chance to stretch creatively! Using this vibrant color really gives life to a shoot! We ended up getting through 5 outfit changes!

Kaylee's future prospects look bright and all her new branding images will help her feel confident in running after her goals!