Rent your Dream wardrobe!

The game has been changed thanks Rent the Runway! First off, their mission to create a fashion experience where every woman can feeling amazing is just top notch. It brings be back to high school and college days with roommates. Borrowing a dress for a Saturday night because it fit just right and made you feel unstoppable. Every woman wants that feeling!

"it dawned on the team that renting could make women feel amazing, solidifying RTR’s mission to power women to feel their best every day."

-Rent the Runway Story

Rent the Runaway brings it to the next level by exclusively bringing designer garments and accessories to the everyday women’s closet! You can Rent a great piece for a special event ad return when done! No need for dry cleaning! They take care of that too! Best part is, if you love it, you and buy and love it forever!

Now, how does this factor into your branding photoshoot? Let’s face it, the most stressful part of the photoshoot is finding out what to wear. If you shop often and are a size that is easily available you might have a better go at it, but the truth is, getting your wardrobe together is not easy. I speak from personal experience and I wish I would have used this service for my personal mother daughter photoshoot with my mom. I would have made things more simply and honestly FUN!

Rent the Runway has an impeccable selection of garments ranging from work wear to glam night on the red carpet. 

They even have PLUS SIZE! Sizes ranging from 14-22+! Do love that plus size starts at 14, not really; BUT, that is another battle for another day!

"As a continuation of our mission to democratize designer fashion and give everyone the self-confidence that comes with looking and feeling your best, we launched an assortment of plus size items ranging from 14-22+."

Can you imagine having a fresh new wardrobe just for your photoshoot! Maybe you don’t wear these boss outfits to work, but you want there to be no mistake that you ARE the boss babe! You might end up deciding you want to keep some items in the end!

If Rent the Runway sounds like a dream come true and a problem solved, then you will love to know they also have monthly memberships!!! Yes, your wardrobe can ALWAYS be fresh and inspiring! 

I think Rent the Runway is a complete win for women who love fashion and I am so glad there is a service that makes it easy for us to create complete service photoshoots for our clients that are changing the game in their own way with their businesses. 

Check out the Rent the Runway story here !