"Say Cheese!"

Everyone is staring down the barrel of the lense with a force toothy “smile”…NO NO NO this won’t do. Good for you for making your family portraits a priority! No really snaps for you because some people skip on this and miss milestones and opportunities to document their families! However, we can do BETTER! We can do much better!

The best way to make family portraits fun is to understand that things are not going to go perfectly. Free up your headspace of all expectations and just go with it. If your photographer knows what they are doing, mom should be able to enjoy this moment with her family. You are making memories, and after everything is all set and done, your memories should be happy ones.

I love to get you moving… walking, dancing, racing! All these things will help you to loosen up and give the kids something fun to do. We are here trying to keep everyone engaged.

I loved getting these kiddos to make funny faces to each other… and then one of the littles says…”We should get everyone laying down too!” I was so inspired by his thought! So then we were able to catch this amazing family shot that is so unique to them. It reminds me of the FRIENDS cover with everyone on the bed! This was one of the last images we shot and it is my favorite by far.

Fun Group Family Photos

Fun Family Photos

Let’s talk location for a minute… It doesn’t not have to be complicated. We set up this family session in the closest neighborhood park. It was a beautiful backdrop and allows us the flexibility to take some shots in the backyard by the pool. Mom really wanted some there and this is where we got this cool picture of the teens!

Some other great spots for outdoor family pictures in the Palm Springs area are:

Joshua Tree National Park

La Quinta Cove 

Palm Desert Civic Park 

Silver Rock Country Club

Coachella Valley Preserve

what about in studio?!

Yes! Studio family portraits have come a long way! They can still be natural and authentic but in a very controlled environment. No worries about the hot sun, wind, or by standers peeping…. A private studio photoshoot can offer a modern twist to an old tradition. 

So have you though about having a family session? Maybe you are newly married, expecting a baby, have a bundle of kiddos, or maybe even grand babies. No matter the stage in life it is always a good time to take family portraits! Let’s do this!