Wow, preparing for baby can be overwhelming and confusing. If you are a first time mama you might be wondering what do I really need? Well look no further than this amazing woman! Meet Gigi Vera Vincent! She is a postpartum doula empowering families for when baby arrives. She helps families on a one on one level with her doula services and also reaches her community with her Ready for Baby Podcast!


I had such a pleasure getting to know Gigi and reading her story and I know you will too. With out further a do… Gigi!

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So tell us a little about yourself and what you do?


I'm Gigi, a doula, newborn care specialist, and lactation educator based in Southern California. I'm passionate about making evidence-based information about birth and postpartum accessible. I love to empower my clients by helping them create their village using their registry; then during postpartum, I provide support using ancient practices, like belly binding, Ayurvedic Abhyanga, and herbs and oils.


What inspired your passion for the birth process and demystifying the birth experience?


My first pregnancy, birth, and postpartum were amazing, surrounded by resources and community; however, my second pregnancy, with my twins, was incredibly difficult. The justapositon of these experiences showed me the struggle so many go through and inspired me to become a part of the birth worker community.


What are your 5 top ways soon to be parents can get ready for baby?


Start with education: take a good-quality birth class as well as lactation (no matter how you plan to feed!) and fourth trimester education.

De-influence from all the “must-haves” that convince you that you need a million things.

Incorporate resources into your registry, so instead of tons of onesies, you have a village. I help my clients do this in-person and virtually.

Have tough conversations with your partner and your support team. Talk about how you want this time to look and how you want to make that a reality.

Give yourself a break. If you're comparing yourself to influencers or other parents, remember that's curated to seem perfect. Focus on yourself and your baby!


Tell us about what we can expect from your Ready for Baby Podcast? Do you have a favorite episode for an expecting mom that is nervous about her upcoming birth?


Ready for Baby shares stories and advice from birth workers about everything from birth through parenting. For an expecting mom, I recommend the episodes about birth: how to have an empowered birth and birth education, like Lamaze, Bradley, or Hypnobirthing. Those are all favorites.


I also have countless episodes about what to expect postpartum: from feeding to sleep to taking care of yourself. There is an amazing episode on setting your home on autopilot, too. Every episode provides so much helpful information!


Why is it important to put together a postpartum plan, and what are the key features that should be included?


During the fourth trimester, you will feel exhausted and depleted. That is not the ideal time to make decisions, so making a postpartum plan takes away the stress of researching and deciding when you should be resting.


Your fourth trimester plan should include guidelines for immediate medical postpartum care for you and your baby. Then, have plans for visitors; who is allowed over and when and for how long? You should also become educated about how you want to feed your baby and have a lactation consultant ready. Then, have a plan for yourself: your meals, your mental and physical recovery, and your home.


That can all seem so intimidating, but a doula can walk you through it all!


Favorite quote?


Postpartum is a journey back to yourself - Amythest Joy


Where can we find you? Website and social media...


You can connect with me on my Instagram @A_simple_home or my website and my podcast Ready for Baby