Mama, HOW are you?!

Are you tired OR feeling the 2nd trimester power energy!? Are you getting ready for your babe? Most importantly are you drinking enough WATER! My mom ALWAYS claims WATER is the reason for any ailment and the super healing ingredient that is overlooked. SO yes mama drink your water! Bring on the cuucs and lemons to add some FLAVA and maybe a few ice cubes. 

Ok so you want to know who to include in your photoshoot? 

Mama, first thing, this shoot is all about you. If you want a solo shoot that celebrates this incredible moment in time, and don’t want to stress out about convincing honey to join or picking out siblings outfits….I get it! So let’s start there…BYE BYE GUILT… Your maternity photoshoot can be just that, YOUR MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOT. 

SIDE NOTE: Can we come up with another name for a maternity photoshoot other than maternity? Like that doesn’t sound elegant and I think we can do better… I’ll work on it. 

Ok back to YOU! Who do YOU want to include in your photoshoot? Nobody or someone special. Let’s look at the usual suspects: 


Human Siblings 

Furry siblings 

But can we talk about something really quick!!!?

What about other people that are apart of your life that might not be as expected to join you?


This can be your literal ride or die bestie that made a pregnancy pact with you… you know who you are. Maybe you have a gaggle of girl friends that have been with you since the beginning and will be with you till the end? I could see it now champagne showers and gorgeous portraits that your granddaughter will be looking at with her friends saying “This is iconic!” 

Is your mom your bestie? Is she looking forward to snuggling and caring for you child as her own? Would a photoshoot together encapsulate is timeless moment so you can cherish it forever? Maybe you haven’t had a portrait with your mom taken since your wedding or maybe never?! I know this isn’t for everyone, but maybe its perfect for you.

Adding to that thought, this might be the perfect opportunity to have a generation portrait taken with the matriarchs that come before you.

Who ever you include or exclude from your maternity photoshoot is up to you Mama. My job is to make sure you look and feel gorgeous, empowered and special in this transforming point in life. Ill be here for you from start to finish and throughout the years as you change. Your life is important and should be documented for your future generations. So try not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the gift of your pregnancy. Get some rest Mama and we will talk soon!