Woman Crush Wednesday!

If you have ever felt the feeling of loneliness as a new mom, and wondered… I am the only one? Or maybe you have questioned you ability in caring for you babies. If so mama, you are in good company. Many mothers face this feelings! Savana is a mom and entrepreneur in the Coachella Valley, she couldn't sit around and let these feelings take over. She created a community that brings moms together in hopes of encouraging and support each other in this season of life that is full of changes. 


Please enjoy this interview with the creator of the Coachella Valley Hot Mom Walk, Savana Yarnell!

So tell us a little about yourself...


Hello! My name is Savana, I am a 25 year old boy mom who is about to have her second son in November (Emerson age. 2, Parker to be expected). I am married to the absolute sweetest man ever, Hunter is a middle school teacher, and we also have two dogs. I feel like I have found myself through motherhood and have truly enjoyed all the chaotic and beautiful moments that have come since having my first.


Do you work?


Yes! I went to college to become a teacher, which I did pre-2020, and then I became a nanny. I now work as a social media manager for small businesses throughout the Coachella Valley and have the incredible privilege of working from home with my babies. I love being creative and getting to help support local community.


Why did you create CV Hot Mom Walk?


I created Hot Mom Walk when I was nine months postpartum because although I loved being a mom, I was incredibly lonely, and had no idea how to make mom friends! I made my first post through Real Moms of the Coachella Valley basically begging people to have coffee and go on a walk with me. 10 moms showed up on the first day and said they were lonely too. From there, I started an Instagram, hosted weekly meetups, attempted to get the dads involved and was able to create some amazing partnerships within our community. Now we have over 600 followers, 20+ moms every week and are a safe place to make friends for all the moms in the CV. This group has helped me enjoy motherhood in a totally new way and has birthed so many of my closest friendships who understand exactly what this stage of life is like.


What have you noticed as biggest concerns for new moms?


I think the biggest concerns of new moms are, am i good enough, how do I do this?! And am I the only one who is struggling? When I was a new mom I struggled with anxiety and “keeping up”; although the internet is incredible it can also bring an overwhelming amount of information which is not super helpful. Another thing is feeling lonely, unless you have a community of moms around you motherhood can feel isolating because it is hard to laugh with your non-mom friends about the amount of times your baby barfed on you today!


If you could give your new mom self advice, what would you say?


You are doing a great job! Take one day at a time and you are not alone.


What do you hope for CV Hot Mom Walk in the coming year of 2024?


In 2024 I hope CV Hot Mom Walk continues to grow and fill the need for community that moms have! I would also really love to host more large community events like our Easter party.


What is your favorite family activity?


Our favorite activities as a family are trying new coffee shops and playing outside at the park or zoo! We are also obsessed with all things holiday so we are thriving going into pumpkin patch and Christmas party season.


Favorite quote and what can't you live without when hanging with your mom friends?


In this season of life my favorite quote is from MHN, “And slowly, but surely, I still found peace even while I waited for the pieces to come together.”


And although super basic, my mom life essential is my Stanley water bottle and fanny pack!



Where can we find you? Website and social media...


My personal instagram is @the.suburban.mama and of course follow along @cv.hotmomwalk for meetups and fun events!!