The time has come!

Yay! Your business is thriving! Your professional career is taking off! You are a rock star in your work…BUT you don’t have any real images of you being the killer dependable, creative, innovative boss babe that you are! So you book a branding shoot; because it’s time! Now, that thought keeps running through your head… that thought that has been delaying this awesome milestone photoshoot…

”I don’t know how to pose!”

Girl… I GOT CHU!

Here are my 5 top favorite standing poses for curvy boss babe bodies! These are #1 professional and #2 can be built on with different hand positions so you get a good variety of images to choose from. #3 theses poses will be flattering to your figure, not hiding it! Just remember, START at the feet and work your way UP!

ALSO, on a wardrobe note… FITTED CLOTHES ARE BETTER! Trust me… another blog entry on that later but just trust me.

Ok let’s get into it!

1- cover girl

Let’s start out strong! This is the #powerpose for any boss babe! Starting at the feet, wide part, think WONDER WOMAN stance! Then you are going to relax on one hip, the hip that feels more comfortable. Next, you are going to put your hands on your waist… this is where the magic happens. You are going to taper your waist with your hands by bringing them closer to the middle and offset their position (one slightly higher than the other). Now, when I say your waist, put your hands that the smallest portion of your mid section. This will help create the illusion of a smaller waist and more of an hour glass figure. Next, bring your elbows slightly back, shoulders down. Then, tilt forward like bringing your upper body toward the camera from the hips. HERE is the key to elongating your neck… I call it turtle time. Imagine our chin is on a plate, and you want to slide our chin forward without bringing it up. Then you want to bring your chin slightly down. VOILA! You have a gorgeous first pose for your branding photoshoot! Get it girl!

Posing Curvy Body - Cover Girl

2- half cover girl

Ok so this is a variation of the first pose that you just nailed! Start at the feet, one foot out to one side and relax in to the opposite hip. Now one hand is going to be at your waist and the other hand down resting on front of your thigh. Bring your elbows back and tilt forward. ALWAYS chin out and down.

Posing Curvy Body - Half Cover Girl

3- straight on

First, with feet together put one foot forward with bended knee. ( you can put your front leg on tippy toe or put a box, or stool). Then, Put your weight on your back foot and tilt forward at the hips. Place one hand on your waist and your other hand one laying flat facing inner thigh. This helps create nice shape in your arms and shoulders. Next, as always chin out and down. This looks great with big laugh!

Posing Curvy Body - Straight On

3 - on the 45

Here, we are getting into an optimal position for curvy bodies, 45 degrees to the camera. You can do this sitting and standing and it helps slim down down the body when done right. With this standing pose we are first going to turn 45 degrees and then bring forward the foot closest to the camera. You’re going to place your back hand on thigh then bring elbow back. Next, place your front hand on front thigh. Bend your elbow and bring back slightly. Now, the more you put down the front shoulder the more space you create in the neck, you want this. So, bring the shoulder down. Finally, turn your chin toward shoulder, bring it out to camera and down. Gorgeous every-time. Also this is a go to #headshot position!

Posing Curvy Body - On The 45

5 - over the shoulder

This pose is beautiful for portraits and personal branding. It is more specific to to the body, so this would work well for a clothing line, accessories or jewelry. First, turn to face behind at 45 degrees, with one foot in front of you and weight on leg that is closest to the camera. Push your booty back to create nice shape in the back. Hand closest to camera on thigh, with elbow slightly bent and back. Other hand resting on other thigh. Shoulder closest to camera down, bring chin to shoulder, out and down!

Posing Curvy Body - Over the Shoulder

There you have it! 5 poses for a curvy body for a personal branding shoot! My study of posing has given me an insight into shaping everyday women. YOU KNOW, LIKE YOU AND ME! We have curves and we need poses that help us feel confident and empowered! I hope this makes your next branding shoot less scary!

If you want to be treated like a queen for the day and be guided into poses like these and more, come book a portrait session or branding session with me and my team!

I got chu girl!