I need to ask, when was the last time you went to visit your doctor? I know this might seem a little off topic; but it's not. When you saw them, did you feel like you knew them? Maybe you have been seeing the same person for more the past 10 years. Or was this a new doctor, and you were a little apprehensive. Either way, you would agree that feeling comfortable around the medical professional whom you are relying on to give you sound advice is important. Heck, my kids see my pediatrician, because of one thing...TRUST!

Now, I want you to think about all the effort you put towards helping your patients develop trust with you. Down to the tone of your voice, you create an atmosphere in your practice that says, "I CARE about you and want to help". Here are the cold hard facts... Future patients are having their first interaction with you ONLINE. If they are greeted by a dated image or not even one at all, they are not getting the best representation of who you are and how much you want to serve them. You are missing out on an opportunity, not just to get a patient; but, to earn trust with someone who needs your help.

A headshot can show in one image

  • if you are legitimate
  • if you are friendly
  • if you take care of yourself

When they come in for that first appointment, they already feel like they have met you before. You are no longer a stranger! This helps patients feel more comfortable and adds to their experience with you. They might be more willing now to be open and honest so you can better address their issues. But, at the very least they will not confuse you with the other doctor in your practice. I am just going to tell you; I do a deep drive into Google when looking for a new provider. I take the list I get from my insurance and search every doctor I am interested in. If they don't have a photo, next, if their photo looks old, next, if they have a selfie from their phone...NEXT! Unless I am getting a referral... There is no other way for me to start that KNOW LIKE AND TRUST factor.

I had a client that absolutely hated the image that was posted on her practice website. She used the word "heinous". I look a look at picture and I thought it wasn't terrible... But I knew I could create something with her that was much better. She came into studio, had hair and make up done on site, bought 4 outfits and some comfy slippers. I helped her pose in a way that evoked confidence and warmth. WE CREATED MAGIC! Her new headshots are now fresh, modern, and professional images that she can proudly use on her office website, in any office printed material, magazines, event programs, social media, the list goes on... The point is, now when people see her online presence, they are seeing the well-educated medical professional that works hard for her patients!, Not, the woman who just got caught randomly on a day work under a bright light.

so are you ready to update and refresh your headshots!