How long does it take you to trust someone?

A study in 2012 suggests it can take less than a second, 100 milliseconds, upon seeing someones face! This means that in this day and age of social media, digital networking and online recruitment, your headshot can be a MAKE or BREAK! 

In this post we are going to talk about the reasons why investing in a professional headshots and personal branding will LEVEL UP your game!

1. First impression

 Yes FIRST impression! This means that your client is not meeting you for the first time when they finally sit down with you, they are making that first interaction with whatever presence you have online. Whether it be social media, recruitment sites like Linkedin, or your about us page on you website. Consumer reports say that buying online has increased, so your clients are vetting for themselves online before they even pick up the phone to make an appointment. Clear crisp and clean headshots give a face to a name in the best way! 

2.Perceived Value

Perceived Perceived value can be the difference from booking a new client or not. When you have a professional headshot that will well styled, and retouched your perceived value increases. Especially in business sectors of finance and law. On the other hand of this, if you are have a photo that is low quality, poor taste, or even a bad angle, this gives the impression of less value unfortunately. Don’t let your headshot speak for you this way!

3. Know Like and Trust

Put simply people need to see your face to begin to trust you. If they know nothing about you and haven’t been referred by a trusted friend, seeing your face can help them want to get to know you better. You want to greet your future clients with a warm smiling image that can make a lasting positive connection. This is just the first step in creating this relationship, but they are more likely to continue engaging with your site or profile once this connection is made. 

So now the question is what is your headshot saying about you and your business? Is it evoking a high value, and trust!? If not, maybe it’s time to update that bad boy.