You have booked your headshot session and you are now in the preparation phase. This begs the question: How do you prepare for a photoshoot; let alone, a headshot session? What do you bring? What do you wear? How should you have your hair and make up? These are all great questions and very common for professionals to ask when getting ready for their branding or headshot session. Depending on the length of your session some of these question will vary. For instance, if you are booking for headshot marathon day or a mini session your time with me or another photographer will be limited. When, you are planing on having a branding session with Nicole Jaramillo Photography vs a headshot session, there will be more involved in styling and props. Check out my blog post here on the differences of a branding session and headshot session. Here were talk only talking about a full headshot session which can range from 45min to 1 hour. 

Here are the 5 areas you can focus on to prepare for you headshot photoshoot:

1. Hair Cut and Style 

2. What to Wear

3. Glasses

4. Make Up

5. Sleep

6. Attitude


A word of caution before I get into the nitty gritty… do yourself a favor and no not take this opportunity to try a new hair style. We recommend at Nicole Jaramillo Photography to wear your hair in a way that you would normally at work or at a work gathering. This can be elevated with a fresh cut, color, and blow dry. If you are a curly girl and wear your hair natural… GREAT! Make sure your hair is clean styled and dry for your session. We want you to feel like yourself and to be recognizable your your audience when they meet you in person! A great blow out can go a long way if you normally wear your hair straight or curled with a curling iron. You can also book a blow out with a blow dry bar such as Blown on El Paseo and All Tressed Up. Your hair should be clean and dry for the hair and make up artist to work with. 

Guys, a fresh hair cut can be done a few days before and styled how you like the day of. Manscape your eye brows if that is something you normally do, and your nose hairs and beard. I wouldn’t recommend using any new products on your facial hair just in case you have bad reaction. Clean and trimmed is always the best. 


Headshots are generally from the waist up, so bring 3-4 options of shirts or blouses to give a variety of looks. Clean, steamed or pressed is best and on a hanger is preferred. We have wardrobe area to hang your garments. I prefer solid neutrals; but, bring at least 2 solid options in light and dark tones and you can bring garments in other colors you like. Prints can be small; but, best to stay away since they will be distracting. Keep light tones and dark tones together like black blouse with dark jacket (shown below). I do not recommend any cap sleeves blouses, they tend to shorten and break up the arm at the shoulder. Instead opt for a full or 3/4 sleeve. If you normally can be found wearing a blazer or sport jacket, bring 1 or 2 to rotate in. Guys, bring a tie no matter how casual you normally dress for work. You might be able to use the image in the future for a more formal engagement. Actually, bring more than one tie, a lighter and a darker tone. Check out my blog post on outfit ideas for a branding and headshot session here. Take a second to consider your audience and where you will be using your images. Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and printables. All these places should have a different feel to showcase your personality. What message are you sending and who are you talking to. This will help dictate your wardrobe.

Dark Tone Outfit for Headshots


If you normally wear glasses… WEAR YOUR GLASSES FOR YOUR SHOOT. This goes back to your audience being able to recognize you and you will feel more like yourself. However, your glasses should be cleaned and in good repair. Bring extra cleaner and a cloth to make sure there are no smudges on your lenses. If you have more than one style of frame, BRING THEM! Each one will offer a different look! 

Make Up

If you have a session planned with us at Nicole Jaramillo Photography then you know your hair and make up are being professionally taken care of by a rock star hair and make up artist. So you should arrive with a clean and moisturized face. (Drink lots of water!) Make sure any facial hair waxing be done a few days before, since usually some redness and inflammation occur after. Facials as well, do at least a week prior. Bring your favorite make up; lip stick or mascara. The make up artist is well trained in flash photography, so their goal is to get you CAMERA ready not every day ready. 


This goes without saying, but we all know that if we don’t get enough sleep we look and feel tired. Duh. But try your best to get a good restful sleep the night before. This will make a big difference in your mood and expression. I recommend a cup of calming tea and an Epson salt bath to relax your body before bed. 


Girl, this day is all about you, so get excited to be pampered and taken care of. We want you to feel and look your best so we will do everything we can to accommodate. However, if you are nervous understand that this is normal and we do not expect to you know how to pose, or be in front of the camera. Take that pressure off and let is do our jobs to get you those killer shots! Guys, I know you all pretend like you don’t like getting in front of my lease but in most cases you do better than the ladies! My team and I here will make this experience fun and painless! We play music and laugh so don’t forget to enjoy yourself. I’m not unknown to have a little bubbly cocktail or delicious cold brew in my fridge to fight of the nerves either! 

Do you feel more prepared for you headshot photoshoot now? Have I missed any details you still need help with? Don’t be scared to contact be below so we can have a little chat about what else you need. 

If you are worried about posing check out my post here on 5 Poses for a Curvy Body.

See You Soon!